MIDI Generator

MIDI Generator makes semi-randomized MIDI files. It is a Python-based proof-of-concept predecessor to several other, more refined projects coming soon.

MIDI Generator Screenshot

The files below are compiled binaries, available for testing and offered with no guarantees! If you find this fun or useful, please share your creations and send your followers here.

*Note: This program takes a few seconds to load, especially on Windows.

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Double-click to run. Output MIDI files will attempt to save themselves in your "Music" folder, so, hopefully you have one and it isn't in a weird place. ;)

How to Use MIDI Generator:

Modify parameters and click "Generate MIDI." Then, open the MIDI file in your DAW of choice, or in a music notation program, and modify further if you wish. What I like to do is drag these output files into virtual synthesizer tracks. That's what I did to create one of my latest albums as Plastic Bones, "Tangle":

Need help? Check out my MIDI Generator Support Page.


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